The dining room consists of six welcoming dining tables allowing to taste what the menu offers at only a few metres from the yachts and boats that expose the Port of Malaga. Owing to this reduced number of tables, its guests can savour each dish in a tranquil and intimate atmosphere.
The kitchen is enclosed in a glass cube where passer-bys can follow the live performance over the hot stoves which José Carlos García’s team puts up with daily.

The kitchen is open plan, and the absence of large furniture permits to better contemplate the steel framework enveloping the area and warmly welcomes its guests as well as those curious enough to approach it while they walk by.
The fine climate which accentuates the Costa del Sol’s lifestyle, provides one of the greatest advantages of the Restaurante José Carlos García.

Its terrace, which is open during the spring and summer months, makes it possible to savour the dishes at the same time as admiring the sights of the most important monuments of the city. All this is brought with the breeze and the panoramic views offered by the Mediterranean sea.